July 9, 2012

Virtual Pilot 3D The Best Flight Simulator Games

You are dreaming to be a Virtual Pilot?


Before reaching for your dreams become a Virtual Pilot, please note that to become a professional pilot you need special training?. The pilot must have a direct practical and technical before the plane in the sky. Flight schools use a variety of special techniques to train future pilots with the help of a flight simulator. This system simulates the act of flying as realistic as possible.
A flight school will have access to some of the best flight simulator. There are many online flight simulation, which is available for download. The software helps students to pilot a realistic flight behavior, without the danger of flying a real plane
Virtual Pilot-Cockpit

Be the Virtual Pilot to fly a REAL plane in the comfort of your home?

Virtual Pilot 3D, Real Flight Simulator Games are the best at this time, a professional software designed to be 100% real with the real scene. give your imagination a professional pilot who can fly the plane while it was in the house
When you get into the cockpit, you will see that the control panel and what you would find in a real airplane. The simulator was built to mimic "real flying" ... to provide real experience how it feels to fly a real plane. Full-size mockup of the cockpit fantastic and realistic flight dynamics
Every single element of the game is designed to provide real experience of flying a plane in three dimensional space and realistic detail. The fact is, no more flight simulators on the market to beat the sheer realism. ( read more what people are saying )

Virtual Pilot 3D, has been used as an alternative to large flight simulators used to train professional pilots.
It is certified for commercial use and provides the hardware and frame-rate examination required for FAA certification.

This is a digital version of the experience of flying a plane for a series of models of aircraft that can be installed on your computer, and enjoy feeling like I was flying on an airplane. You can even use it to test your skills on a real plane, if you are the pilot training.

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Fly Over 200 different aircraft, including planes and helicopters

There are over 200 different aircraft to fly. Of the Boeing CH-47 helicopter Chinook to the Airbus A 330. No other flight sim on the market is close to offering this number!
Unlike the pilot in real life ... You have many choices, which means that you can experience flying models of real-life partner you could ever hope to

... Really test your aviation skills by flying all types of aircraft - feel how "heavy" compared to the Boeing 737 aircraft that Cessna is much more "light"!

Please click to see some examples of the image aircraft >Sreenshoots of Virtual Pilot 3D <


You get to take off from and land worldwide at over 25,000 real world airports!

25.000 Airports

There are more than 25,000 airports in the real world that you can choose to take off and flight destination. Fly from San Jose Airport... or on the runway JFK in New York and where you like

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  • Watch a Cessna talking flight over a countryside:
  • Airbus 380 taking off from runway
  • Boeing 777-300ER Air Canada Takeoff

Ultra Realistis Scenery
Scenery and incredible detail using 3D, based on the terrain from Google maps.
Effects of season and things in the skies as the sun, moon, stars and planets all follow the correct path in the simulator as in real life.
Real views of the earth surface is perfectly illustrated in VirtualPilot3D. Looks real lighting of the lamps in the urban area, the lights of cars on the highway, airport landing approach lights and tower lights


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Virtual Pilot 3D


VirtualPilot3D™ will take advantage of as many cores or distinct processors as you can afford. If you've a faster computer, it will run in a higher setting. 

Is it compatible with Mac or Windows 7?
Yes. It is designed to work on Windows 7 64 bit, 32 bit systems and Mac OSX-based computers as well as Windows XP, Vista, and Mac OS X Leopard and above
Is it hard to install and play VirtualPilot3D™?
VirtualPilot3D™ makes flying a real aircraft fun and easy.

The installation is fast and simple. With our launch control system, you can easily start flying in 3 steps. You don't have to fiddle with technical details or be a computer whiz to set this up.

We also provide flight manuals, video training and a comprehensive support community.
Does it come in a DVD edition?
Yes. After you've purchased VirtualPilot3D™, you can specify your address in the members area and we'll send you the 4-DVD physical edition so you do not have to download everything if you choose not to.
Is this a one-time payment and are there any hidden charges?
You pay only once. There are NO hidden fees or extra charges and updates are free for life.
Can I use a mouse and keyboard to play this?
Yes. If you prefer, you can simply play with the mouse and the keyboard. We do not force you to buy expensive hardware to start playing the game.
Does it support multiple-monitors, TrackIR or my hardware setup?
VirtualPilot3D™ supports up to 9 multiple monitors as well as TrackIR. It also supports all major flight hardware products including rudders, yokes, flight systems etc.

What Peeople Are Saying

What People Are Saying ?

" Best Flight Simulator Currently On The Market... "

By Victor Giles (AOL Editor)
Weslaco, TX

"VirtualPilot3D may be the best Flight Simulator currently on the market. With it's awesome graphics and unique structure, it's taking the gaming industry by storm. Highly recommended for all flight sim fans."

" Exceptionally Fun & Enjoyable Flying Game..."

By Tom Rosales (Professional Pilot)
Midlothian, United Kingdom

"Well, as a professional pilot in the real world, (6200+ hours Airline Transport Pilot), I really enjoyed VirtualPilot3D. If you are a real pilot or would like to be one, this is the software for you. Realism is unbelievably good and the ATC feature is great. Flying IFR hasn't been as realistic as it is now.

If you are looking for an exceptionally fun and enjoyable flying game, this is the one to grab. Five stars easy."

" Has Every Single Airport In The World! "

By Gary Huber
Midlothian, United Kingdom

"The amazing thing about VirtualPilot3D is that it has every single airport in every single city in every single state in every single country in every single continent!

It has wonderful,scenery,very realistic flying. It will definately take a long time for you to truly explore the entire world. In fact, you may need to clear your diary for a few weeks."

" Play The Game And The Ordinary World Disappears! "

By Joe Dodson
Port Orange, FL

"Great game! You can fly just about any aircraft you want, you can land and take off from almost any airport in the world, you can get a real sense of what it's like to pilot these craft in the real world minus the g-force and nausea...

It does take time to master the controls, but once you've made that breakthrough you have many, many hours of rewarding gameplay. Play the game and the ordinary world     disappears!"

System Requirements

What are the minimum system requirements?

Unlike other flight simulators you don't need a super computer to start. These are the minimum system requirements:

1. a 2 GHz, dual-core CPU
2. 512 MB Ram
3. 1024 x 768 px Display with at least 16 bit color
4. DirectX compatible graphics card with 128 MB Ram